Airline boss warns that Brexit could spell disaster for UK Expats’ Travel



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Ryanair’s chief marketing officer as called on the UK Government to give airlines a solution to the existing open skies agreement between the UK and the EU.

Kenny Jacobs told a UK newspaper that it was in the EU’s interests to make life harder for the UK as European nations prepared to teach the UK a lesson.

In the interview with the Express he said: “If you are an expat, whether you voted to leave or to remain, you have a place in Spain and you travel there several times a year or every month – if there is no flying, you won’t be able to get there.”

Mr Jacobs insisted that the threat of no flying between the block was not scaremongering and that anything is possible at this stage.

He criticised Theresa May’s plans to leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, saying: “Flying between the UK and Europe is governed by open skies and open skies is ruled by the European Court of Justice. The British Government has said we’re leaving the European Court of Justice, if you leave the European Court of Justice you also leave open skies. Now people will say we can revert back to the previous bilateral agreements that existed – but they are completely unworkable.”

He said a lack of clarity on the issue would be disastrous for businesses as well as consumers.

“You could be left with no solution for a period of time, and if there’s no solution, it’s not businesses or airlines deciding what to do, there is basically then no regulation that allows you to fly between the UK and Europe.”

Mr Jacobs said no solution to open skies could lead to various scenarios from no flying to very restricted flying – all of which would be disastrous for the UK economy and consumers.

Speaking about the EU divorce, he insisted that unprecedented things could be about to happen.

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