Will there be a Second Referendum to Vote on the Final Brexit Deal?



Support for a Second Referendum for the Final Brexit Deal

Many Brits and British expats living in Europe are in support of a final referendum regarding the Brexit deal.

The Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic and Malta are convinced that Britain would change its mind about Brexit if given the opportunity to vote on the terms of Theresa May’s deal, and the Maltese PM claims that leaders of the other EU countries are in agreement.

During an interview with BBC radio, Mr Muscat, the Maltese Prime Minister said: “I think most of us would welcome a situation where there is the possibility of the British people putting things into perspective, seeing what has been negotiated, seeing the options and then deciding once and for all.”

The Czech PM, Mr Babiš, also claimed to be very unhappy that the UK is leaving the EU and that another referendum may show that the people have changed their view.

Expats are Concerned about their Future

Theresa May, however, won’t budge, saying the vote of the people took place in June 2016 and they voted to leave. She stated again during a speech in Salzburg to EU leaders last week that there will be no second referendum in the UK.

Many British expats living in Europe would welcome a second referendum, however those who have lived overseas for more than 15 years would still not be eligible to vote as with the 2016 vote. There is, however, a strong case to include long term expats since they could be heavily affected by the consequences of Brexit. The People’s Vote campaign are organising a march in central London on 20th October to demand a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.

Things are still very uncertain on various levels for the future of British expats in Europe – including concerns such as ongoing health insurance, pension access and freedom of movement amongst others.

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