Next Generation Strategies – 1st Quarter Update 2019



The markets have rebounded from the end of 2018. Emma Morgan, Portfolio Manager at Morningstar, gives us the first quarter 2019 update. Click below to find out more:

All Forth Capital’s exclusive managed portfolios are:

  • frequently rebalanced – ensuring that the risks associated with certain investments are limited through diversification
  • diversified – to balance the risks and benefits of investing in multiple markets through our managed portfolios
  • simplified – so that you can make an investment decision quickly and easily with the help of our advisory team
  • lower cost – allowing you to invest a larger proportion of your capital directly into the fund.

Passive investing is an investment strategy that tracks an index and focuses on increasing portfolio values. Day-to-day management of the portfolio itself is limited. Management costs are therefore significantly reduced. Research shows that passive investment consistently beats the returns of actively managed funds.

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