Singapore Leads the Way for Expats Yet Again




According to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2018, Singapore still comes out top when it comes to expats. Over 22,000 expats took part in the survey and ranking criteria was based on economics, experience and family. A strong combination of these made Singapore the global leader for the fourth year running. Regardless of their gender, nationality, age or career, expats living in Singapore agree it is a tough place to beat

Good for Your Career

So why is Singapore leading the way yet again? Singapore ticks several expat boxes. According to the survey, 45% of Singapore expats moved to progress their career – and given that expats over there earn an average of USD 162’000 per annum, they are earning more than the global average by USD 56’000. Many expats move over with an original employer but then choose to stay on for various reasons including safety, organisation and a vibrant lifestyle.

A Large Choice of Activity

Singapore, of course, is well-known as a financial hub, however it does offer far more than this. Impressive breath-taking architecture, lush jungle area, stunning botanical gardens and a huge selection of activities make it an extremely attractive place to be. The year-round tropical climate is appealing to some, and its central location in South-East Asia means that that affordable and widespread travel opportunities are on offer.

Children are Happier

Children also definitely seem to benefit from life in Singapore. Education is considered the best in the world in Singapore both for locals and non-locals, and there is a vast choice of activities for children across the country. According to the survey 60% of expat parents in Singapore say their children’s health and wellbeing is better in Singapore than at home.

For more information on the survey click here.

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