A detailed plan that reduced inheritance tax liability and provided peace of mind

Gordon Boyd - Forth Capital Client
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After our move to Australia, our bank, who had also provided our financial advice historically, ditched us and gave us 12 months to find a new home for our retirement savings. After comparing several options, we valued Ranald's professional manner and knowledge of the market, and we made the decision to work with him and Forth Capital.

Ranald spent time with us understanding our goals and priorities for our savings and investments. We wanted our family to benefit from them but weren't ready to pass them on just yet. We wanted to make sure they stayed invested in the meantime with the option to transfer them to Australian Dollars in the future. Inheritance tax has always been a concern as we didn't want our life savings to end up going to HMRC. We had started to address this with our previous adviser but they didn't provide us with a complete solution.

Ranald built a detailed plan that would reduce our inheritance tax liability and give us control over how and when we passed these savings on to our family. He was able to do this without having to change or cash in any of the existing arrangements we had. Ranald helped us throughout and stood in our corner while we battled through several major issues with our legacy providers.

We are coming to a point where we would like to make gifts to our grandkids and Ranald is working on a plan to help us do that.

I have always received a prompt and courteous response from Ranald and the team at Forth Capital to any questions I have had. I would recommend Forth Capital to anyone looking for advice on their investments, UK pensions or Inheritance Tax planning.

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