£1M Today or 50,000 for the Next 20 Years?

Insight | by Jamie Tulip
Cash in the sky

A few years ago, I was getting a lift home from work with a close friend, when I asked him:

‘Would you rather have £1M today or £50,000 per year for the rest of your life?’

Without a moment’s hesitation, my friend replied:

‘£1M today.’


‘Yeah, definitely. I can make £50,000 per year investing it’.

I disagreed and, as I was no more than 25 at the time, I was probably correct. If I lived to be 80, that was 55 years of guaranteed income with no investment risk.

It did, however, make me think about the power of investment and the flexibility having a pot of cash provides versus a guaranteed income.

I was studying for my Financial Advice Diploma at the time but did not think about how fitting this conversation would become, considering my current role as a pension adviser.

If my friend and I were 55, approaching retirement, and were having the same conversation then I would tend to agree with my friend’s viewpoint. After all, with good investment management, I could achieve 5% growth every year. That would give me my £50,000 per year and I would still have £1M in my pot.

If I only made 3-4% every year and had to rely on £30-40,000 worth of income, I would still have £1M in my pot.

Let’s be even more conservative. Say I only make 1% investment growth each year. That would give me £10,000 worth of income and yes, you guessed it, I would still have £1M in my pot.

If I had other assets, then £10,000 might be all I need.

Maybe some years, I want to take £20,000 and other years I do not take anything at all.

The important thing is that I am in control. I make the decisions.

I could even leave it in cash, and it would last me 20 years drawing £50,000 per year , which would take me to 75 before the funds were exhausted. A good deal when you consider that if I died before 75, I could leave it to my family as a pot of cash. After all, the question I posed was:

‘£50,000 per year for the rest of your life…’

And so the moral of this story is that everyone’s circumstances are different; some people may require the certainty of a fixed amount of income, whereas others may require more flexibility. It is essential to seek advice from a professional adviser when considering big financial decisions. They can explain the different options available to you and recommend the best option, based on your own personal circumstances.

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Jamie Tulip is an adviser at Forth Capital.

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