Our Investment Strategies

Forth Capital offers each of our clients an optimal investment solution; a bespoke goal-based financial plan tailored to their individual requirements, combined with access to a range of award-winning investment strategies designed in partnership with Morningstar, to help them achieve those goals.

In 2016 Forth Capital partnered with Morningstar, the world’s largest funds analytics company, to design our range of award-winning investment strategies.

Drawing on Morningstar’s world-leading investment, asset-allocation, and risk profiling research, delivered by 270 analysts worldwide, our 'Next Generation Investment Strategies' provide exposure to a broad range of asset classes, delivering strategic diversification, weighted according to risk and return expectations.

The portfolio construction of each investment strategy benefits from Morningstar's 30+ years of global asset allocation and strategic modelling research.

Disciplined Risk Management

Tactical asset-allocation decisions are based on risk and expected portfolio return. They are backed by diligent research, expert opinion, and independent fund research from Morningstar. Each portfolio targets a consistent level of risk across the market cycle.

Core Principles

Forth Capital's Next Generation Investment Strategies provide our clients with exclusive access to a range of risk-adjusted portfolios and globally diversified assets, with efficient product structuring to minimise costs.

We have developed the investment strategies in partnership with Morningstar to focus on:

- World-leading asset selection and modelling

- Diversification

- Continual re-balancing

- Transparency

- Cost efficiency

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