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Short 2019 Market Summary

The markets caused some stress for investors around Christmas 2018, and after an initial low point in January, the year 2019 proved to be a good one for most stock markets. The US Fed had reversed its tight monetary policy in late December 2018, after which the market rebounded strongly over Q1. This strengthened again considerably in Q4 after further monetary easing.

Some of the strongest performing markets during 2019 included Europe, where the Eurostoxx 50 rose by 26%, and also the US, which was up 19%. The worst performing markets were Emerging Markets, which fell over 2%, and the FTSE which grew only 4.5%.

Global bonds measured by the Barclays Global Aggregate Total Return Index rose by over 6%.

Morningstar Next Generation Funds Performance

Within this context, Forth Capital’s Next Generation Growth fund, which is a diversified global equity fund, grew almost 16% in 2019. The Next Generation Defensive Fund grew over 6%, delivering performances directly in line with the market.

The objective of the Next Generation strategies is to deliver performance in line with their risk ratings so that our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their money is safely invested whilst delivering performance in line with expectations.

Since inception and as of December 2019, our five Next Generation strategies have done just this; our cautious strategy is up almost 14%, moderately cautious 22%, our moderate strategy is up 33%, moderately adventurous 45% and our adventurous strategy up almost 57%.

We are delighted that once again, our strategies have delivered on their promise.

Please click below to see Morningstar’s latest Q4 video.

All Forth Capital’s exclusive managed Morningstar Next Generation portfolios are:

  • frequently rebalanced – ensuring that the risks associated with certain investments are limited through diversification
  • diversified – to balance the risks and benefits of investing in multiple markets through our managed portfolios
  • simplified – so that you can make an investment decision quickly and easily with the help of our advisory team
  • lower cost – allowing you to invest a larger proportion of your capital directly into the fund.

For further information on Forth Capital’s Next Generation Investment Strategies and for advice tailored to your individual requirements and according to your risk profile, contact us on +41 22 311 1441 or click here.

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