You're a British Expat - but are you liable for UK Taxes?

Insight | by Trudi Hayes
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You’re a British Expat – but are you classed as a UK Resident or not?

Tax for expats can be complex and it is imperative that you understand your obligations as a UK expat. Did you know that you are not automatically exempt from taxes if you leave the UK to move abroad? There are many factors to be taken into consideration.

Many expats move abroad to work but still find themselves working over in the UK for multiple days per year. For example, they may not have been resident in the UK for the past three years but may have spent over a certain amount of days in the UK which could have an impact on whether they are liable for tax there or not.

UK residence status is dependent on how long you spend in the UK in the tax year (6 April to 5 April the following year), but it is a complicated test.

Tax Liabilities for UK Residents

UK resident individuals are liable to UK taxes on their worldwide income and gains whereas non-UK residents are liable only for UK tax on their UK wealth. For tax planning purposes you should talk to your advisor to determine your status.

Jason Pearce from Old Mutual International has shared a UK residence test flowchart, which, coupled with professional advice from a Financial Advisor, can help you establish your UK residency status and therefore your tax liabilities.

Please see the link to the flowchart below:

Tax Residency Flowchart

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