Guide to Swiss Pensions when leaving Switzerland

Understanding your options in respect of your Swiss Pensions on leaving Switzerland.

Guide to Swiss Pensions when leaving Switzerland

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If you are planning to leave Switzerland, or have already done so, it’s important to realise the potential of the pension assets you generated whilst you were resident there. To help you navigate this challenge, our team of dual qualified international advisors and pension experts have created this guide to explain your options and help you optimise the value of your Swiss pension funds if you are leaving Switzerland.

This guide will provide an overview of:

  • Realising the potential of your Swiss Pillar 1 Pension
  • Swiss Pillar 2 and 3 Pension Reimbursements for Expats
  • Optimising your Pillar 2 Pension contributions prior to withdrawal.

Your guide will explain the opportunities and benefits in respect of your Swiss pension assets when you leave Switzerland, but does not replace the need for expert financial advice. Once you have received the guide, we'll follow up to answer any questions that you might have, and give you the opportunity to speak to a qualified international advisor.

Our advisors are dedicated to helping you maximise your pension income and benefits by identifying the right pension solution for you – wherever you are in the world, and wherever you choose to retire.

Guide to Swiss Pensions when leaving Switzerland

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