Expats in Europe Argue Their Case Over Post-Brexit Rights



Brexit Expats

Nearly two years after the Brexit referendum, UK expats living or working in Europe are still uncertain of their rights and still have no guarantees of what will happen post-Brexit.

It seems the worries of over a million expats across Europe are of little interest to the British government during their negotiations with Brussels.

The concerns are varied, including fears of what will happen with expat pensioner healthcare, whether they’ll maintain their right to stay and their freedom of movement within the EU, whether UK pensions will still be accessible (and insurance payments), and whether state pensions will be frozen.

Recently five UK nationals living in the Netherlands argued their case before the court – stating that their rights as EU citizens cannot be taken away. The Lisbon treaty article 20 states that citizenship of an EU member state allows for EU citizenship, but nowhere does it say what should happen if a member state then ceases to be so. Many expats across Europe will be praying for a positive outcome.

Whilst, like everyone else, we wait to see how the Brexit picture continues to unfold, we do invite you to speak to us about any concerns that you have in relation to your own financial planning and especially any pensions and assets remaining in the UK. If you do still hold pension funds in the UK, now is the time to examine your options – before you lose those options altogether.

Reach out to us today to speak to one of our Expat Retirement Planning and Pension Transfer experts.

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